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It was a love of photography that inspired Heath Robbins to leave his job as an agency executive and travel the world with a camera in hand. More than twenty years later, it is his love for food, people, and making pictures, that continues to fuel his commercial photography career with focus and passion. For every client and for every shoot, Heath sets out to capture moments, tastes, and emotions that pull people out of their everyday, and straight into the moments that he creates.


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Holiday Food Photography for Yankee Magazine

Happy Holidays! It's that time of the year again...Christmas in August. August and September are all about the holidays: presents, turkeys, cakes.. In our industry we celebrate throughout these 2 months. So, I thought I'd share a few behind the scene images from our recent food shoot for the upcoming holiday issue of Yankee Magazine. As you'll see we had a lot of fun over the 5 days we shot. It was a great crew!

The issue comes out November 1st with a special holiday food section and some great recipes.

Beth Wickwire was our prop stylist and made some amazing sets!

The talented Art Director Lori Pedric

Amy Traverso the senior editor for Yankee Magazine was also there

As usual everyone got to try things on

Lori took some amazing photos of her own and if you go to her facebook page you can see some of them:

which inspired some more silliness of course


It wasn't all fun and games though we did do a little work

I even made lunch one day

Here's a sneak peak at some of the images we created.



You'll have to grab an issue to see the rest! ~Heath


Stop Motion: Salt Crusted Fish

Every once in a while, we let Heath take a day off. He often spends that time on the golf course, compulsively organizing the studio or shooting personal projects.  These personal projects are a great way to test new gear or lighting techniques or to become familiar with new stylists. In this case, Heath as well as Food Stylist Monica Mariano and Prop Stylist Lauren Niles was eager to play with the stop-motion technique. The result is beautiful and really fun. Custom music is by the very talented Adam Presston Cissell.  

You can click here to see the recipe. It's sure to be a show-stopper at any dinner party.

Salt-Crusted Fish: Stop Motion Video from Heath Robbins on Vimeo.


Expect the Unexpected

If there's one thing I've learned during my time in this crazy business of ours, it's to expect the unexpected. And repeat clients are won or lost over how well a crew handles the unexpected.

I could tell stories for days, but my favorites include a model who showed up for her 8am call time, stumbling drunk and the time we flew everyone to Texas, for sunny weather outdoor pool shot, only to have a freak 45 degree, rainy day. We never quite know what we might wake up to when we're in the middle of a shoot, but we always find a workaround and that's what sets Heath's team apart from the rest.

One recent job for Staples presented us with yet another, unexpected, hitch in the plan and I am so proud of our team for handling it with grace and speed and, wow, the result was awesome!

With just 24 hours to go before our lifestyle shoot, we learned that the location was no longer available to us. Every producer's nightmare and a stylist's opportunity to shine. Less than a day to create a hotel lobby set? No problem for Woodward Studio!  With just one days notice, Caroline Woodward and her equally talented husband Jeremy designed and built a hotel lobby set to be captured right inside Heath's studio. Check out the final ads, below and in Staples stores now!

A huge thanks to Woodward Studios for being there in our hour of need! Here's to always nailing the unexpcted! ~Jenna





Enactus: Inspiring Others to Act

"Each of us has an entrepreneurial spirit. A passion that—if unleashed—can inspire others to act. A talent that—if developed—can create opportunity for ourselves, our families and our communities. An idea that—if cultivated—can build a healthier, more prosperous and peaceful world." This is the motto of a company we are proud to call a client. Enactus is a "community of student, academic and business leaders committed to using the power of entrepeneurial action to transform lives and shape a better more sustainable world."

Our friends at the VIA Agency commissioned Heath to capture still lifes, illustrating many of the projects that Enactus is involved in. We jumped at the opportunity to work on such a meaningful project. Our producer and stylist, Caroline Woodward, spent weeks sourcing products from all over the world including marionettes from India and authentic Army boots from Canada. Oh, and, then there was dumpster diving for recyclables... Our favorite, though, was the pack of live chicks delivered from a farm in Ohio!  Three shooting days resulted in some images that we are all really proud of. 

 Thanks to VIA and Enactus for choosing us to work on such a meaningful project. ~Jenna

 Here are some of the final ads:


Conceptual Work

For the last couple years I have been shooting a Christmas card for some friends of mine. The objective has always been to poke a little fun at all the holiday cards we all see every year and to do so in the style that I have shot much of my conceptual work. Taking it over the top, plus a good dose of humor is a given so you can imagine the fun we have shooting it. This year we also shot the whole thing in the studio which as you will see was something of a production to make and pull down. There's a time lapse of it at the end here.

Coco Grace does all the hair and make up and although it doesnt seem so - Lucy was having a great time.

Verne Cordova was, as usual, the master of props and set decorating!

Typical work day for Drew.

Just another day at the beach.

and the final image:


Time Lapse of a Conceptual Lifestyle shoot from Heath Robbins on Vimeo.