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It was a love of photography that inspired Heath Robbins to leave his job as an agency executive and travel the world with a camera in hand. More than twenty years later, it is his love for food, people, and making pictures, that continues to fuel his commercial photography career with focus and passion. For every client and for every shoot, Heath sets out to capture moments, tastes, and emotions that pull people out of their everyday, and straight into the moments that he creates.


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Fresh & Honest on location

In addition to shooting the food for this cookbook we are shooting some lifestyle and location imagery for this cookbook. As I said before I love shooting on location. The exploration part of it has intrigued me from the day I chose to become a photographer and set out to travel around the world for 11.5 months. there was nothing like landing in a new country and spending weeks or more getting to know the culture and shooting it in a way that would communicate it to someone who had never been there.

These shoots have all of that and more. This first day we started out at the Boston Fish Pier which was really cool to see all the seafood coming in. We then went out on a boat with some lobster fisherman that Chef Davis knows. Being that lobster is one of my favorite foods I loved learning about how they are caught and ultimately get back to my table. We ended the day traveling around Nahant, MA shooting some scenics which were easy to find on that beautiful coastline.

Summer is here

Went out on my brother's boat this past weekend. The kids were in heaven. The girls just couldn't stop smiling (despite the bad hair day) and my son couldn't let go of the fishing rod. Ahhh... the joys of summer.

Family Fun shoot

Family Fun is a magazine that I love shooting for.

First there is the subject matter - kids both big and small as you will see below and second is the Senior Photo Editor Mark Mantegna who is a blast to work with. We shot a story last month on having a block party and the ideas ranged from adults in tricycle races to kids finding stuff with their feet in pools filled with bubbles to putting on frozen t-shirts. Needless to say Mark and I had to try out the tricycles and it was quite interesting filling up the pool in our space. I laughed a lot while shooting this and the models were all great sports.

I've put up some of the production stills as well as some finished shots but you should really check out Family Fun to see how the whole story turns out!

I couldn't stop laughing

this was the coolest tricycle...

Mark on his trike

Filling the pool

So here are some of the finished shots

Fresh & Honest Cookbook Day 2

We had a second day of shooting food at Henrietta's Table with Chef Peter Davis. It was a beautiful day and we even shot some of the images outside. Once again I was hungry by the second shot...

I must acknowledge my friend and stylist Catrine Kelty who has been providing all the props for this cookbook and helping with the food styling as well. Without her we could never accomplish the number of images in a day that we have done so far.

Not to be undone by the last lunch he served me, Chef made me the most amazing grilled ham and cheese sandwich. It's the kind of food that makes you drool just looking at it, let alone smelling it. Layer upon layer of ham and melted cheese on some of the best tasting bread you can imagine and once you've taken a bite it's hard to put the damn thing down to even take a breath. It was a very quiet, very short lunch....

Spring sports

Spring is here and it's that time again to be running my kids around to their various sports. Saturdays are baseball and Sundays are soccer.

It's really great to watch my son Spencer as each year he gets more and more into it. I love this first series as he takes off from the base. He is really fast. As his coach puts it "I can't wait till they can steal bases cause Spencer has got some wheels". (read- proud Dad here)

Then it was off to soccer where he was equally enthusiastic and Isabella was just out to socialize and have fun. I love the intensity of these 5 year olds, particularly my neighbor's son Jack at the end here - better not get in his way!