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It was a love of photography that inspired Heath Robbins to leave his job as an agency executive and travel the world with a camera in hand. More than twenty years later, it is his love for food, people, and making pictures, that continues to fuel his commercial photography career with focus and passion. For every client and for every shoot, Heath sets out to capture moments, tastes, and emotions that pull people out of their everyday, and straight into the moments that he creates.


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Every shoot has it's moments. Fun ones, stressful ones, creative insights, creative confrontations, the moment you really need a cup of coffee or the one where you want something stonger, when partnerships form and when it all comes together...

We recently had a shoot for PartyLite that involved 12 models and 9 crew members on location for 2 days. What struck me while editing was not, however, anything like I described above. It was looking at all the outakes of the shoot I saw two things: 1. We have a really good time on set and 2. I could put some really funny captions on some of these moments in between takes.

Here are some of them and just to be clear - I never yelled at anyone, at anytime. Never out loud anyway...

Let's start with some of the models caught off guard. The titles below are what I thought should be in thought bubbles somewhere in the image. Feel free to add some of your own below.  ~Heath




"You shouldn't have yelled at her. Now look what you did."


"Seriously? Did she just throw something at me?"


"Those look really good"


"I don't feel so good"


Three thought bubbles here. From left to right:

"She's mine, don't get any ideas",  "This is awkward",  "Yeah well, we'll see about that"


"Try it again and I'll slap you"



And then there were all the shots with my crew, standing in, or, well, sometimes you just have to be there.. but I think you'll get the idea.