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It was a love of photography that inspired Heath Robbins to leave his job as an agency executive and travel the world with a camera in hand. More than twenty years later, it is his love for food, people, and making pictures, that continues to fuel his commercial photography career with focus and passion. For every client and for every shoot, Heath sets out to capture moments, tastes, and emotions that pull people out of their everyday, and straight into the moments that he creates.


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Bully Boy Distillery

Small world story: I got featured on Chronicle and Bully Boy Distillers saw it right around the time they were looking for someone to take pictures of their product and distillery. Turns out the 2 owners Will and Dave are the sons of Sally and Dudley Willis who have a farm in Sherborn (where I live) and where I buy all my beef every year... I love it when that happens.

Since I am all about supporting local and their family is both local and provides me with of some of the best beef on the planet, this was a match made in heaven. Ohh, and it didn't hurt that they were very cool people to begin with.

The product. We also shot their Rums and Vodka

The owners

The process

The end result!

Pajama Party

Remember sleepovers?

Mine were a little different than this one (picture lots of soda, comics, baseball cards and staying up to watch Saturday Night Live) but we thought it would be fun to shoot a 7th grade sleepover and what girls would be doing these days if they had their choice of activities. Judging by the reaction of my models and my own girls who aspire to be that age, we seem to have nailed it.

Here's my new food and lifestyle imagery for the tweens:

We shot on location at my house

Coco Grace did a fantastic job as usual with the hair & make up

Verne Cordova, did all the props and wardrobe, and he matched the set with his own ensemble

The lovely Maria del Mar Sacasa was in charge of food and the kids were pysched about that one

Particularly my youngest, Trinity, who came home from school and almost fainted from excitement over all the sugar in her kitchen

I think these are hysterical because she barely left my side and I was inundated with the questions about when it would be her turn...

Our models, from Model Club and Dynasty, were fantastic and kept their drool to a minimum

Then there was Jason and our new intern Drew who pretended to do a lot of work but actually sat on my couch all day..

Here are a couple of the final images:

I'm lovin' it!

We recently had the pleasure of working with the great team at Arnold Worldwide, Boston shooting the McDonald's account. We had three days and shot 2 separate campaigns slated to appear in outdoor venues in New York and D.C. this summer. Thanks to a fantastic team, it was a really fun three days!