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It was a love of photography that inspired Heath Robbins to leave his job as an agency executive and travel the world with a camera in hand. More than twenty years later, it is his love for food, people, and making pictures, that continues to fuel his commercial photography career with focus and passion. For every client and for every shoot, Heath sets out to capture moments, tastes, and emotions that pull people out of their everyday, and straight into the moments that he creates.


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"Out of Control" Goes Viral

A few years back I set out to illustrate the concept of being "out of control". I created an image of a woman surrounded by the total chaos of her 5 children (with another on the way). We had so much fun shooting it and almost every female art director with children of her own would say "that's my life!". Having kids of my own and being completely type A, it's an image near and dear to my heart.  I have always loved the conversations it incites.

As a comercial photographer, the reach of the images I create is usually limited to the media buy of specific clients and to those potential clients reviewing my work online or in private meetings with my rep, Jenna. It's not usually like the "Ultimate Dog Tease," with millions of hits on YouTube...Until last week when we got a front row seat watching this "Out of Control" image take off on a ride around the internet.

It started with a friend of Jenna's who emailed her that she saw the picture on a blog. Then, Sunday, night another woman reposted the image on her facebook page. By Tuesday it had received 40,516 likes, 7,065 comments, and been shared 27,844 times. It was, at first, really exciting for us to witness. We actually watched as, every couple of minutes, people were posting comments like these:

It was all very cool and gratifying to watch, particularly in real time, until we realized that there was no credit on the image, no reference to us whatsoever. All those people, downloading to their desktops, sending it to friends and simply loving this image that took so much time and effort to produce and no one was the wiser that we created it (Speaking of credit: many thanks to Tui Stark for the fabulous prop styling, Erin Charest for the awesome wardrobe and Cynthia Murphy for the spectacular hair and make-up!).

What ensued was an all day effort, on Jenna's part, to get credit for the image and to harness some traffic back to our website. Unbelievably, it was very difficult...We understand that not everyone has money for imagery they are using and that there are even people in the world that feel they shouldn't have to pay for any of it, regardless. But, that's a whole other conversation. Giving credit is easy, however, and with a small amount of effort you can usually find out where the image came from (try a site like to start). 

This conversation about the internet and copyright has been going on since the begining of the world wide web and since I am sure you have heard the arguments over and over, I'm not going to get into that here. What I would like to point out, though, is how valuable that credit can be to any artist. In the end, Jenna was able to get that credit for me as well as links back to our facebook page and As a result of this post we received 760 additional visitors to our website and our facebook "likes" were up 46%. That kind of attention and the possible leads can be just as valuable as financial compensation.  So, in this case, it all worked out and we're happy so much excitement was stirred up on facebook....and that 40,000 people like the image as much as we do!

 Here is the image. Feel free to re-post it... just make sure my name is on it :)



Dexter Russell

I recently had the opportunity to shoot with Art Director Claudia Catalano-we've been talking about working together for more than 5 years! Claudia came to us with a very cool project; Shooting lifestyle images for professional cutlery manufacturer, Dexter-Russell, images that will ultimately be wrapped around an RV. We needed a working kitchen with lots of stainless steel and lots of space to move around.  The perfect place for that was, as always, the Manitowoc test kitchen in Tampa, FL. I had the added bonus of seeing Caitlin Rodgers again!

Working with Calaudia, Carol and Peter at Catalano Design and with Jim Bellerose from Dexter Russel was terrific and I can't wait to see the RV completed this spring. (check back for another blog posting) It will be outfitted inside with a working kitchen and touring the country visiting culinary schools. Should be in the Boston area in June.

We had to make it look like a the narrow kitchen that you will find in the RV so we made a wall out of stainless steel and used baking sheets to keep it from bending when we held it up.

The chefs taking a break

Here is one of the final images

The Met Back Bay

Over the years we have shot at all of Kathy Trustman's restaurants . This year has been focused on the Met Back Bay which has a great ham and cheese bar, and a number of cool rooms as well as some fantastic outdoor seating. The following is a sampling of the food there. Try not to drool on your keyboard....

To see the whole menu go to If you go ask for Kathy or Stephen and tell them I sent you. I can promise you'll have a great meal!

I'm lovin' it!

We recently had the pleasure of working with the great team at Arnold Worldwide, Boston shooting the McDonald's account. We had three days and shot 2 separate campaigns slated to appear in outdoor venues in New York and D.C. this summer. Thanks to a fantastic team, it was a really fun three days!

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